Polina Dubkova – Age, Family, Bio, Net Worth

Polina Dubkova

Imagine meeting someone like Polina Dubkova, a star on YouTube and social media. She was born on October 18, 1998, which means she’s around 24 years old in 2022. Even though she’s quite young, Polina has become really famous for making fun and interesting videos on YouTube.


Polina’s Family


We don’t know a lot about Polina Dubkova’s family, but we do know that she grew up in Russia.



Polina’s Story and Job


Polina Dubkova started her journey by creating videos on YouTube. She talks about lots of things like clothes, makeup, and her adventures when she travels. She even works with other people who are popular on the internet and some companies like brands want to work with her. This shows she’s good at connecting with people and making them interested.



People like watching Polina’s videos because they’re funny, relatable, and genuine. She has over 2 million people who follow her on YouTube. More and more people are joining her on other social media sites too.


What About Her Money?


We don’t have exact numbers, but in 2022, Polina Dubkova probably makes money in different ways. Companies pay her to talk about their stuff, and she earns from ads on her YouTube videos. So, she’s likely doing well in terms of money.



Wrapping Up


To sum it up, Polina Dubkova is a big deal on social media, especially YouTube. She’s known for her cool and fun videos. Even though we don’t know much about her family, we know she’s become a favorite on the internet. And as more people like her, it’s a good guess that her money situation is looking good too.


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