Juan Gonzalez Youtuber: Net Worth, Bio, Family

Juan Gonzalez Youtuber

Get to know Juan Gonzalez, the vibrant American YouTuber better recognized as ThatWasEpic. His claim to fame? Crafting uproarious prank videos that tickle the funny bones of viewers far and wide.

Born in the sunny realms of Cancun, Mexico, Juan’s journey meandered to the United States during his formative years. There, he embarked on a digital adventure that would catapult him to social media stardom.


Juan Gonzalez’s Net Worth


Fast forward to 2023, and Juan Gonzalez’s net worth gleams at an impressive $2 million. This financial feat was orchestrated through his triumphant YouTube channel, boasting an astounding 7 million subscribers. Yet, that’s not all—he’s also orchestrated a symphony of success through brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and sponsorships, all contributing to his flourishing wealth.


Income and Salary Analysis of Juan Gonzalez


Sources whisper that Juan Gonzalez is serenaded by an income of approximately $80,000 per month, serenading his pockets solely through YouTube ad revenue. In addition, his merchandise sales and fruitful partnerships with diverse brands further amplify his earnings.

As if that’s not enough, Juan dances on the collaboration stage with fellow YouTubers and social media luminaries, orchestrating sponsorships and paid promotions that harmoniously augment his financial portfolio.


Juan Gonzalez’s Career


The curtain lifted on Juan Gonzalez’s YouTube career in 2014, with his inaugural video christened “Epic HIPSTER Bait Prank.” The audience’s laughter echoed, and his popularity snowballed.

Paving his path with prankster prowess, his channel blossomed into a haven for uproarious content. Collaborations with YouTube luminaries like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Nelk, and JStuStudios seasoned his journey, enriching his comedic tapestry.


Juan Gonzalez’s Relationship Status and Family


While his public life shines, Juan Gonzalez’s family and personal chapters remain enshrouded in mystery as of 2023. Whether he’s tethered by matrimonial bliss or parenting adventures is a tale he keeps close to his chest.




In the ever-evolving realm of YouTube, Juan Gonzalez, better known as ThatWasEpic, has earned his stripes as a front-running prankster. His crafty creativity, infectious humor, and relatable charisma have gathered an ardent following across social media platforms. As his financial stars align, Juan is primed to continue his journey, expanding his brand and making waves in the digital landscape for years to come.

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