Bad Boys 4’ Reportedly Paused Over Will Smith’s Oscars Slap.

Bad Boys 4’ Reportedly Paused Over Will Smith’s Oscars Slap.

“Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”! The action leading to this statement seems to have severe consequences.


At Least three major productions have been postponed since the Academy declared disciplinary policies against Smith.


Will Smith seems to be in more trouble with Hollywood production giants following his nefarious Oscars slap.


According to multiple media outlets, productions linked to the actor are reportedly being slowed or paused as they anticipate punitive actions announced by the Academy.


Reports have it that three major players including Netflix, Apple+, and Sony have slowed development proposals.


Smith was set to star in Netflix’s action-thriller ‘Fast and Loose’ but Variety is now reporting that the search for a director has been paused with skepticism surrounding the actor’s involvement.


Sony’s anticipated ‘Bad Boys’ sequel which was in active development before the Oscars, has also been put on hold.


Recall that Smith left fans stunned last Sunday after he slapped Comedian Chris Rock at the televised Oscar awards. Rock had made a joke about Jada Pinkett’s bald head, caused by her struggle with alopecia.


The actor has since apologized to Rock, the Academy, and attendees. On Friday, he also announced his resignation from the Academy.


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