Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Makes Big Claims On His IG Live.

Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Makes Big Claims On His IG Live.


Simon Leviev, a.k.a. the Tinder Swindler, answered questions on Instagram Live and revealed all kinds of questions about the Netflix documentary and his current life. 


The Tinder Swindler, went live on Instagram on March 28 2022 to answer all sorts of questions about the movie, his lifestyle, charges against him, and his prospective plans.



The 31-year-old Leviev is the globe-trotting con man accused of withholding more than $10 million from women all around the world using the dating app Tinder. 


He achieves all this by matching with unsuspecting women on the app, getting into relationships with them or befriending them, and then getting money from them. 



Many of the victims that he manipulated both emotionally and financially were featured in the documentary.


Leviev was apprehended in Greece in 2019 after attempting to use a fake visa.



He was taken back to his home country of Israel and convicted of 15 months in prison after being convicted on four counts of fraud. He was acquitted in May 2020 after serving only five months. 


The Tinder Swindler was broadcasted on Netflix in February 2022, bringing Leviev’s story and larger-than-life personality to the mainstream.


In the time since Leviev has contended that he never duped anybody and says he even has a new girlfriend.


Leviev’s Instagram Live video gave tremendous insight if we can call it that, into his current situation and how the documentary has changed his life.


He retains innocence Leviev contends that he never swindled anybody and, thanks to The Tinder Swindler, he’s swivelling in cash.


“I did not swindle anybody,” he argued. “I am makings–loads of money every day thanks to Netflix…hell of a lot of money thanks to that.


Leviev said his enemies are on his back and they are “crazy mother–kers.” When inquired if he was anxious about heading to prison, Leviev hesitated and said “maybe those girls will go to jail for defamation.”


Leviev said he’s operating on his documentary, which is in the final stages. 


He said it will tell his side of the story. “You won’t believe what you’re going to see,” he said.


 He affirmed that if viewers thought The Tinder Swindler was jaw-dropping, “you have no notion what’s coming…you’re going to  take your life seriously.”


In addition, he said he’s presently lingering on his U.S visa. He now lives in Tel Avivso he can record a song with French Montana, and maybe Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. 


“I have great things coming up very, very soon,” he assured


Leviev asserted that he’s no longer on Tinder. He said he hasn’t been on the dating app since 2018 and any profile using his photo is fictitious, adding that it has “nothing to do with me.”


He said he documented a police report against all of the fake accounts.



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