Rema Says That He Only Collaborated With His Friends On ‘Rave and Roses’: 

Rema Says That He Only Collaborated With His Friends On 'Rave and Roses': 

Nigerian star, Rema took to his Instagram page to host a live session, during which he expressed the deficiency of Afrobeats artists from his debut album, Rave and Roses.


He says, “I know people might be like, ‘Oh sh*t, why does Rema not have an Afrobeats artist on his album?’ I would say this: no feature on my album was based off uh, ‘hey label, I need an artist or I need an international collab,’ no. Nothing like that. Everything was organic. Every artist in my album is my friend”.



Remas’ efficient principles are his own, but the place of ego is unmissable in his emotion.


“I don’t really like to make music with you if we’re not actually cool. I would not make music just to appease the fans, just to look like we’re not fighting. No bruh, it has to be organic. No feature on my album was forced or like me trying to look international or cross boundaries. Nah, I already crossed that in 2019.



“So it’s not me trying to be like, ‘Oh sh*t, I need this feature to be….’ Nah bruh… Every feature on my album is based on mutual respect, mutual friendship, close friendship… Like me and [Chris Brown] were at the house playing video games or at basketball or whatever, then we hopped in the studio. “


“Me and Lil Nas, we’re cool. I make music with people I rock with, people I chill with. Everybody, we’re cool. But I will not force an Afrobeats feature if we’re not cool. We have to chill to create them bangers… I will not go to the studio to appease a fanbase. I’ll create music because I f*ck with you and f*ck with me, you know.”



This might be Rema’s way of completely averting uneasy methods that Nigerian artists, especially when their peer asks them for a feature. But he needs to understand that he will be at the top for a very long time. And a lot of people know that.





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