T-Classic Fumes After A Fan Called Him A Struggling Artiste.

T-Classic Fumes After A Fan Called Him A Struggling Artiste

Nigerian artiste, Tolulope Ajayi, aka T-Classic, has conveyed anger after one of his music fans labeled him a struggling artiste during a live session on Instagram.


During the live session, T-Classic was seen reprimanding the declaration as he disclosed that he once combated depression.



He, however, remarked that prominent artiste, Pual Okoye, aka Mr P, was part of the people that came to his recovery, adding that despite handling his music without assistance, he was still prospering in the music industry.


T-Classic said, “I am not calming down. I was depressed, if not because of Mr P, I was going through depression and everything just to make everybody alright and everything dey nice, you con dey come here dey call me struggling, artiste.



“Are you mad? The world has never seen this kind of T-Classic before because I dey does my things for a low key, I no dey like to bother nobody for no f**king thing, I dey do my things my way. I dey a lot of peoples DMS wey be said dem no dey help, name dey run my p myself.”


T-Classic’s eruption was taking another volume when a member of his team advised him.



“I know say I dey live; make I clear these people, why you go dey call me struggling artiste?” he said.


The Instagram live session, however, ended suddenly as his team member interfered.



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