Yung Bleu Explains How Boosie Motivated Him, Talks R’n’B OGs & More

Yung Bleu Announces He's Changing His Name - Rap Basement

Yung Bleu Announces He's Changing His Name - Rap Basement

Yung Bleu talks “Investments” to “Moon Boy,” DMX motivation, and endeavors to review his absolute first raps about SpongeBob SquarePants on the most recent scene of HNHH’s “On The Come Up.”

The South had been supporting Yung Bleu a long time before Drake came around and put his blessing on “No doubt about it” – the melody that moved Bleu into the main 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, and procured him a #1 tune on Rhythmic graphs. By then, a religion following had as of now created. His profound, vibrato voice carried misery prompted tunes covered with warmth, underlining the weakness in his music. “I in every case just been as legitimate as possible,” he clarifies on the most recent scene of On The Come Up. “Like, it just normally comes out. I super say the genuine. I could never truly gloss over everything except I believe that is the thing that makes the music, the music. The genuine.”

In the previous year, Bleu’s gone from a staple on mixtape locales to overwhelming Spotify, Apple, and TIDAL playlists each time another single drops. Boosie anticipated this achievement some time before “No doubt about it” wound up on the outlines or even arrived on Chlöe Bailey’s radar. However Bleu is as of now not endorsed to Boosie’s Bad Azz Music Syndicate, there’s a familial bond they’ve created throughout the long term. Recently, film of Bleu giving Boosie $100K in real money became famous online. Eventually, it was essentially a badge of appreciation for taking a risk on him. “He truly propelled me [with] simply the sort of stuff he’s doing,” Bleu said.

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