Eve Found Out About Pregnancy Right Before “Verzuz” With Trina & Couldn’t Fly To Miami

Eve critiques current state of hip hop: “There's a lot of clones” - REVOLT

Eve critiques current state of hip hop: “There's a lot of clones” - REVOLT

The rapper uncovered she’s expecting her first youngster and as of late definite her feelings of dread toward moving or shouting a lot during her exhibition.

It was a match that had millions praising ladies in Rap and fans were eager to see Eve and Trina share the Verzuz spotlight. Over the mid year, the pair of Rap legends returned to a portion of their most noteworthy hits as fans chimed in from their homes, and presently that the Ruff Ryders symbol has declared her pregnancy, Eve has likewise itemized a few facts about her Verzuz appearance.

The rapper as of late shared that she and spouse Maximillion Cooper will invite their dear baby in February. Anybody with an adding machine can sort out that the course of events would mean Eve was toward the early phases of her pregnancy when she was bopping around on Verzuz, and she clarified how she explored the exhibition.


Eve lives with her family in London and was planned to advance back to the States for Verzuz. In any case, the child news wrecked her arrangements.

“I was supposed to fly to Miami and at the last minute. I didn’t. I had to tell Swizz and he was like, ‘All good sis, we got you,'” Eve told The Breakfast Club. “Of course, my brother, I love him so much. I was stressed out. I was like, ‘Am I standing too much?’ I kept thinking about the baby.”

“‘Am I screaming too much? Can you rap when you’re pregnant?’” she questioned. “That’s all I thought about. I don’t know, it’s my first kid.” Eve has since quite a while ago spoken with regards to her longing to have her own kid and surprisingly pulled back from her facilitating gig on The Talk to commit her chance to extending her family.

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