Eve Doesn’t Like That There Are “A Lot Of Clones” In Hip Hop Today

Eve announces she's leaving 'The Talk,' wants to grow her family

Eve announces she's leaving 'The Talk,' wants to grow her family

The pregnant rapper talked regarding what she loves and aversions about the present status of Hip Hop.

Following quite a while of attempting to consider, Eve has uncovered that she is pregnant. The Rap symbol has been hitched to Maximillion Cooper beginning around 2014 and has adored being a stepmother to his four youngsters, yet she has since quite a while ago needed her very own offspring. Days prior, we investigated Eve and Cooper’s large declaration about their beloved newborn, and as she relaxes in her new stage throughout everyday life, Eve has additionally been occupied with a press visit.

Eve and her Queens costars have been hopping starting with one outlet then onto the next, and she pressed in some an ideal opportunity for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The rapper learned of her pregnancy just prior to showing up on Verzuz with Trina recently.


“I am beyond happy. I need a new word for happiness,” she said before Noah slid into Queens and its nostalgic setting in music.

“Indeed, 90s Hip Hop, I’m heartbroken, Hip Hop is extraordinary as far as possible constantly, however 90s Hip Hop, 2000s Hip Hop, there was a development around then,” she started. “There was an immaculateness, there was a uniqueness. I think there was such countless teams thus a lot, I don’t have the foggiest idea, the energy around then was extraordinary. What’s more, that, for me with this show, in the event that we can catch that, individuals who think concerning that time will cherish this show. Likewise, it’s not simply the music, it’s the ladies.”

Eve focused on the significance of ladies in the business framing a “sisterhood” rather than being individualistic and waiting be “the one to focus on” taking actions. Noah got some information about what she begrudges and doesn’t care for about the present status of Hip Hop. Eve uncovered that the most awesome aspect of the class right presently is that specialists “needn’t bother with a mark, needn’t bother with a cosigner” to become effective. “I love that.”

Eve, Swizz Beatz

“What I don’t [like] is there’s a lot of clones. I feel like back in the day, uniqueness was celebrated. I think now there’s a lot of the sameness and that to me, I’m just like, meh. It makes it boring a lot of the time—for me. Not everyone! ‘Cause there are some dope artists out that I actually really do love, but, yeah.”

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