What To Expect On Fore By Fore

Quick rising Nigerian craftsman and UK based Musician/Comedian Olaboye Balofin also known as “Forelines” as of late declared recently August that he would be dropping his eagerly awaited collection Fore by Fore. 

The collection which as per him has been in progress for more than 2years is presently set to be delivered to all streaming stages on the 27th of August, 2021.

As per Forelines, the Fore by Fore Album is an articulation and clarification of the music side of Forelines, his convictions and his previous encounters. the collection “Front by Fore” would involve 11 tunes with various components from notable performers and makers in the Nigerian Music Space

Preceding the arrival of the collection, Forelines has dropped three (3) singles. The previously named “Regular” was delivered on November the eighteenth 2020 followed by two different singles named “Need To Be” and afterward “Happiness” the two of which were delivered at various periods right off the bat in the year 2021

The album is relied upon to be a huge one and we as a whole anticipate sticking and flowing to the tunes on the collection “Front by Fore” when it drops on August 27th.

For more data about Forelines and his Fore by Fore collection, visit his Instagram page at https://instagram.com/forelines_uk or visit the site https://forelinesentertainment.com

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