Coi Leray Speaks On “XXL” Freestyle: “Nobody Seeing Me In The F*ckin’ Studio”

Coi Leray Names Her Top Five Favorite Rappers - XXL

Coi Leray Names Her Top Five Favorite Rappers - XXL

She commended her “XXL” peers while saying she would dominate anybody in the stall.

Notwithstanding the kickback she got for her new XXL free-form, Coi Leray’s certainty stays at 100. The rapper-vocalist endured a couple of shots after the distribution shared the free-form contributions of their present class, and Hip Hop fans rushed to make an appearance with their conclusions. Leray would get back to say that she accepted she was the awesome the pack, yet in a meeting with Complex, she appears to perceive that her companions might have surpassed her. Be that as it may, she actually lauds her work in the studio.

“Stand by until they drop in the background, I was lit,” she said. “I was sassy, yet I knew by the day’s end, I’mma have a great time.”

“They put me up there with Lakeyah, she’s a f*ckin’ straight freestyle beast, you know? DDG, pen game crazy. Morray, fire. So, I already knew what I was walking into. Somebody had to be the best and somebody had to be the worst. I just feel like, if I’m not gonna be the best freestyle, I mean, I’m just gonna have fun with my sh*t, do whatever makes me happy.”

“But, if you put me in the booth with anybody on that XXL, I guarantee nobody seeing me in the f*ckin’ studio, and that’s on me,” Leray continued. “Fa sho.” She said she feels as if “people depend on XXL” as “their moment,” but she’s “here forever.” For Leray, she recognizes that when “you’re a superstar, it’s bigger than that.”

“We just playin’ chess.” Do you concur that Leray is a monster in the corner?

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