Ballon d’or: Who will be crowned the world’s best footballer this year

Ballon D'Or 2021 Favourites And Betting Odds

Ballon D'Or 2021 Favourites And Betting Odds

After what was a thrilling 20/21 football season packed with excitement and not so exciting results for some fans. The end of the 2020/2021 season means footballers have to be rewarded for their performances during the season.

The ballon d’or award was not given out last year due to the impact of COVID-19 on the footballing world as it was the first time in over 10years the award ceremony failed to hold.

Many would have tipped Bayern Munich’s goal machine Robert Lewandowski to win if the award was held last year

Nagelsmann confirms Bayern star Lewandowski drawing interest from other clubs |

After being cancelled, fans can now expect the ballon d’or to be back this year. as football again eyes the biggest prize football has to offer. The prize will not be given until December and a lot could happen between now and then. However, there are two players who we think will battle down for the prize in December that is Leo Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

To start with, it wasn’t really a great season for FC Barcelona, but it was an outstanding season for the greatest player in their club’s history. Messi’s stats & prize won in the past season include: [33 goals & 14 assists] won the Copa America alongside the Copa Del Rey. Leo ended years of international heartbreaks and let downs as he led Argentina to their 15th Copa America title and won the top scorer and best player award too. With all these astonishing stats, Leo could be suitable for another win which makes it the 7th ballon d’or.

Robert Lewandowski is another contender who had a glittering individual season too. He was quite unfortunate not to have won last year as the prize was not given out. However, his stats & prizes in the last season includes: [34 goals & 4 assists] also won Bundesliga and the Club world cup.

Will another impressive individual season for Lewandowski be enough to secure his first Ballon d’or this year?

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