Twitter Reacts To Drake Allegedly Dating Amari Bailey’s Mom

Drake Forms Partnership With Aspiration To Save The Earth

Drake Forms Partnership With Aspiration To Save The Earth

Twitter users are savaging Drake and Amari Bailey after fans conjecture that Drake’s mysterious Dodger Stadium date is Johanna Leia.

Drake can’t get a break. On Thursday night, ABC helicopter journalist Chris Cristi uncovered Hip-Hop’s Certified Lover Boy while he was taking a unidentified lady on an amazingly heartfelt and select supper date on the third pattern of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. What was reasonable expected to be an unbelievably clandestine event is unexpectedly perhaps the most discussed accounts of the week now that photographs of Drake and another lady have turned into a web sensation via web-based media.

True to form, fans have effectively gotten working on it and began attempting to sort out who the secretive lady in the recently surfaced photos is. Some extremely observant investigators have derived that the Hip-Hop people group has effectively been acquainted with the one who Drake was feasting at Dodger Stadium.

Obviously, numerous individuals are persuaded that the lady in the photographs is the mother of LeBron James Jr’s. secondary school colleague Amari Bailey. Last month, Drake was seen playing with Johanna Leia while at one of Sierra Canyon High School’s b-ball games, and presently it seems as though fans may have really seen the beginning of an excellent relationship.

In spite of the fact that information on Drake’s mysterious Dodger Stadium date shows up very quickly after he shot his shot at BIA during Nicki Minaj’s IG Live on Thursday, fans can’t quit discussing the likelihood that Drake’s “large goods chime,” as Nicki would say, is really Amari Bailey’s mother. .

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